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Reflection on Car Installation

Final Project Reflection:

I received good feedback on my final presentation of my installation. Both professor and classmates liked how I transformed my vehicle and did not have anything I could have done differently. I was asked about why I chose a Peregrine Falcon versus a Bald Eagle.

I was asked and given the suggestion that I could have driven the car with people sitting on the bird to suggest flying, but consideration has to be taken with the possible safety issues.

There was also a suggestion of adding feathers to give more texture, or perhaps to make a gray/black and white ink wash bird.

If I were to do this again, I would allot more time for the wrapping of the vehicle. I would try not to do this in the Florida summer. I would disconnect my car battery ahead of time to avoid a dead battery. I would try to work with the suggestion of a black and white ink wash for the bird. With more time and more funds, I would add more layers of paper to the bird to make it sturdier, or perhaps use a different paper such as Yupo or Tyvek material to make it more durable so people could move in and on and off the bird without the danger of ripping it. I would make a loop of bird sounds that was about 10 minutes long, so that people could really sit in there for longer.

I learned a lot during this project. I really have an incredible appreciation for Installation artists, and I would like to dabble in this art form more.

I would like to have people experience what I make, which really didn’t happen with the projects I created during this class. The only time people experienced my art was with the unfortunate events of “the luggage.”

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