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Car Installation

Car Installation

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I will be using my car as the place for installation. I will cover the whole inside of the car with paper. I will then draw within this “gallery”.


I will be using the car, because it is the one space in my current life where I have control over it. Because I am using a car, my installation will speak to what a vehicle means to me, and to people in general. I want the viewer to feel as if they are enveloped in an experience. The car is a source of freedom for many. I want to touch on this theme.


I will be using a white butcher paper and wrapping it around all the seats and windows of the inside of my vehicle. I will need tape that does not do damage to cloth or windows or leather. I will also be using markers, but I cannot use permanent markers because I do not want to cause permanent damage to my car. When the whole inside is “wrapped” I will draw.


My project will be in my car. I will have to invite people to see it. I am considering having people in my neighborhood come and experience the car, or inviting friends to come see it.

My car is a regular 5-seat Ford Explorer SUV. It is approximately 8 feet long and about 6 feet wide.


The project has gone through several iterations. At first it was going to be something on the inside, but due to time constraints, and resources, this paper coverage was a more doable project for my budget and expertise.

Michaelengelo’s Sistine Chapel is an inspiration. Also, the Portland’s art car movement was an initial inspiration in transforming a vehicle. The most recent and relevant inspiration is artist, Oscar Oiwa, who does drawings inside a giant bubble inside a large room so that you feel encompassed by his creation.


I will have no cost for the paper because I already have it. I will have some costs with tape ($20), and probably some cost with markers($30). I’m still deciding whether this will be black and white only or have some color.


I need to clean and clear my car. I will start “wallpapering” the back luggage area first as that will not have an impact on the actual use of the car. I will have to borrow my dad’s car for a few days as I will not be able to use my car once I start covering seats and windows. I think it will take me approximately two days to cover the car. It’s very hot lately, so it will be hard to work in hot dailight hours. Mostly early mornings and evenings. I expect several days to accomplish the drawing and detail.

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