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Transforming the Quotidian Space

Artist Statement

With this piece, the artist wishes to convey the feeling of freedom.

The space that the artist transformed is her car.

Our vehicles are often overlooked as a burden of finances and debt, and something to keep up with. It becomes just another necessary evil possession in our everyday lives.

The artist wanted to transform the inside of her vehicle into a place signifying the joy and freedom that a car brings.

Think about when a teenager first gets their license and gets a chance to drive wherever they want. Or the sense of freedom you have when you live in a city, but then you rent a vehicle and you no longer rely on public transportation for getting somewhere on time. Or maybe you don’t have reliable transportation. A car becomes the very thing keeping you from all those freedoms you wish you possessed.

A bird, a big peregrine falcon is the ultimate symbol of freedom. To imagine flying on the back of such a bird, one that can really soar, brings about a huge sense of freedom and adventure.

The artist hopes that as people experience this in her installation, their imagination will soar into dreams of freedom and flight, as well as thankfulness for their vehicle which provides them more freedoms than many other people in our world have.

Wallpapering the car took 3 days and several hours of work each day. I had help for about more than half of the time.

Painting the bird was a long process of measuring the car, researching the kind of bird I wanted and then finding a space big enough in my house where I could lay out paper and paint it. I went for a loose and free painterly style of painting in the interest of time and location.

Below are 2 time lapses that show the process.

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