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Brainstorming for Midterm Mini Installation

Come up with some ideas for the miniature sculptural installation. What do you want to communicate? How can you activate a tiny space to make the viewer feel something? How can you engage one or more of the viewer’s senses? Include research / inspirational images of artist work. The brainstorming ideas may be informal if you prefer: bullet points or lists are fine.

My ideas are still forming and fluid.

I am toying with an idea surrounding the thoughts and feelings of travel.

I am thinking about using luggage as my container.

One artist who is an inspiration: Mohamad Hafez with a project called: Unpacker Refugee

Another artist is Yin Xiuzhen.

Both artists are touching on an aspect of travel with their luggage. With Hafez, he’s thinking about Humanizing Refugees. Xiuzhen is more lighthearted in that she is depicting places she’s been in her luggages.

I could not get the photos of the art suitcases on here.

I”m thinking of tapping into a combination of when I immigrated from Brazil and how that differs from when I went to vacation in the Bahamas. The feelings and the preparation are totally different.

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