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Progress on car installation

I’ve been making good, albeit kinda slow progress on my car installation.

It’s been much more work than I originally anticipated.

Thanks to my best friend, who has given me hours of time to help cover the inside of my car with paper.

I’ve also worked on painting a bird which will be part of the installation. It took over my parents’ whole living room and everyone had to walk around it, so that was an issue. I was able to paint big and loose and I really enjoyed that process. I am reminded that I’m getting older as bending down to paint was a challenge.

This whole process is taking way longer than expected and I am sore, as is my friend Tiffany.

The masking tape is working extremely well, so that has been a real plus!

The car gets incredibly hot and then it has rained a lot, so keeping doors open hasn’t always been an option for ventilation.

I will be adapting things that I thought I would do versus what I am actually doing because of time.

Unfortunately I got very little feedback from my class mates, so other than one comment, I am going off what I discussed with my professor and my own adaptations of paper coverage inside the car.

Hoping I can finish later today. Gotta get to work before the car is sweltering.

Wallpapering the car

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