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Brainstorming Quotidian Space

For the Final project, where we are transforming a daily space, I thought of transforming my car.

I live with my parents and there is no place that I could transform in our common living spaces, and my room is way to small and overcrowded to do any such thing.

School will be over in about 8 days, so I cannot doing this at school, plus I do not want to.

So the last resort is my car.

I remember this idea of #artisanlwhips which I’ve seen before where people deck out their cars, so that was the initial inspiration. More research will have to be done there.

Here are the 3 ideas I’ve had so far:

1. Beach Mobile

2. Art on Wheels

3. Mom Taxi

The one I like the best is Mom Taxi. I think that’s the one that makes a strong statement about one of my current roles, but also one that we normally allude to, but don’t actually have a visual for. I think most moms would be able to relate, and it would help convey the reality of my time on the road.

My biggest issue is figuring out how to execute such an ambitious project.

My second favorite is Art on Wheels. I believe this is a tongue in cheek type answer to a common expression. One that would be quite doable and can look really interesting to the viewer. Often hubcaps get lots of attention when they are “modded” but would they get just as much if not more attention if they were Hand painted masterpieces?

The Beach Mobile I believe would be the most “fun” vehicle, making people smile. But it’s not very conceptual or deep.

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