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20 landscapes in May

I had a goal. I gave myself a challenge of drawing/painting 20 landscapes in the month of May. I had success with 30 faces in April, so this seemed doable. I was sorely mistaken.

I think I did 10. Maybe.

I have not given up, and I do want to get 20 made. They just won't be all done in as quick a pace.

I came across some challenges, and some discoveries.

  1. Landscapes take longer

  1. May was a busy month

  2. I get picky with my landscapes and have a harder time deciding on which one to do.

  3. They take a different creative aspect from me. A good challenge.

  4. Sometimes, I prefer quick art things that can change and morph, but landscapes feel limiting when it comes to creativity on the fly.

  5. I love drawing people.

Ok, so here's a question for my audience... have you enjoyed the landscapes? Did you like it better than the portraits?

More importantly for an artist who is trying to make a living, are any of the landscapes something you would consider buying?

Please comment and leave me feedback. I love feedback! Even if it's criticism!

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